Yes, I screwed up the time again....
Catching you up with links and yaks.

September 2022

Karen is with her father in the ICU. We will reschedule. Thanks!
Hope to see you all there!
An Audio Tour

July 2022

Bring your Duggar questions
Shop and Goss

May 2022

Karen here. It’s summer! Or something close to it. I freaking love sunshine, so I’m happy. I mean, not with the world, but, you know. And what do we do…

April 2022

Link inside
Stuff that didn't make the podcastListen now (8 min) | Will your ears ever be the same?
Hi, heathens! Filling you in on a few things. As you know, we only send these out a few times a year. Hillsong petition Have you watched the new…

March 2022

Friday, March 25, 8EST